Caving into You

Caving into You
Author: Bess McBride
Language English
Pages: 227
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Love in the Old West
Goodreads Rating: 4.06
Published: March 18th 2014 by Bess McBride

From the author of the bestselling Train Through Time series comes a new time travel romance series, Love in the Old West, set in the late nineteenth century American West Caving into You is Book One of the Love in the Old West series. Can two lovers from different centuries find a way to live together? Do they choose the past or the future, or is there a place in between? Hilly Creighton never expected to find a man when she peered into a cave near Tombstone, Arizona. Clint Woodrow had no idea how he was pulled forward in time from 1881, and he has been trying to get back home ever since. He doesn’t realize that the cave is the answer—the cave and Hilly. As the fates throw Hilly and Clint back to Tombstone’s wild and untamed early days, Hilly fights to survive, and Clint struggles to protect her against the harshness of life in the desert. Coming 2014: Book Two of the Lost in the Old West series