Hong Kong Central: Lee Carruthers #3 (Lee Carruthers series)

Hong Kong Central: Lee Carruthers #3 (Lee Carruthers series)
Author: Marilynn Larew
Pages: 379
Goodreads Rating: 4.80
Published: December 10th 2017 by Artemis Hunter Press

It doesn’t matter that Lee Carruthers has resigned from the CIA; she still can’t resist her former boss, Sidney Worthington, when he calls. He wants to know why Hong Kong antique dealer Henry Wong hasn’t reported in weeks. When she gets to his shop, she sees Henry being carried away by Triad thugs. Triads deal in drugs, protection, human trafficking. What do they want with Henry Wong? She follows the clues, even if it means being in the middle of a stampede of democracy demonstrators, a dangerous walled city belonging to a Triad, or a tricky love triangle. Why is she doing all this for Sidney? One day Sidney Worthington is going to get her killed.