The Case of the Missing Bird Dog

The Case of the Missing Bird Dog
Author: John R. Erickson
Language English
Pages: 144
ISBN10: 0142301418
Genre: Childrens
Series Hank the Cowdog
Goodreads Rating: 4.02
ISBN13: 9780142301418
Published: July 8th 2002 by Puffin

Quail season has just begun, and already there's trouble on the ranch. When a wayward bird dog goes missing, Hank takes off in search of him-and finds himself face-to-face with an angry mother hog and her litter.

If that isn't bad enough, before Hank knows it, his arch-enemies the coyote brothers appear on the scene. Can Hank's quick wits and supple reflexes help him out of this fix? Or will Hank become hogmeat? Find out in this latest adventure starring everyone's favorite Head of Ranch Security. Illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes. "The best family entertainment in years." (USA Today)