Forgotten Sins

Forgotten Sins
Author: John Walters
Language English
Pages: 214
ISBN10: 1424185564
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
ISBN13: 9781424185566
Published: August 27th 2007 by America Star Books

"Forgotten Sins" is a book of true romance combined with a chilling tale of the daily lives and activities of the underworld. John Riley is a made man in the Irish gang known as the Sickies. His brother, James Riley, is the Don of the family, who showed no nepotism towards his brother John. Riley had to earn his spot at the dinner table just like everyone else. He made his bones (the first time he killed someone) by the time he was fourteen.

Riley was given his own crew by the time he was eighteen. His crew was known for their ability to collect debts and for their ruth ability to kill. The only person he could trust is his childhood friend Francis Sullivan, who was also his number one man in his crew. However, his loyalty will be put to the test when Riley goes against his orders when he falls for the girl that was the mark of his operation while dealing with nightmares of his past.