Mask of the Masters

Mask of the Masters
Author: Joshua Biggs
Language English
Pages: 468
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: June 10th 2016

After an attempt on his life leaves Isaac Thane near death and without his memories, the leaders of the Akturan Territories come to his aid. As he struggles to find his forgotten identity, Isaac discovers that he has superhuman abilities and is trained to be Akturan’s ultimate weapon against the incredibly powerful tyrant Vincent Kayne. The search for who he truly is will cause Isaac to question the motives of the people he has come to trust, as well as his place in the war against Valden.

Will Isaac remain loyal to his new friends or cling to his forgotten past. How much of his new life will he have to sacrifice to find it? Gritty battles, an unlikely alliance, a blossoming love, and a sinister enemy await Isaac on the path to discovering a hard truth he may wish he’d left forgotten.