More of Me Disappears

More of Me Disappears
Author: John Amen
Pages: 76
ISBN10: 0893048887
Genre: Poetry
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
ISBN13: 9780893048884
Published: December 28th 2005 by Cross-Cultural Communications

Voices In Diversity: Poets From Postwar Korea offers a selection of poems from 37 South Korean poets born in or after 1945, edited and translated by poet Ko Won. The selected poets represent the voice of a nation emerging from Japanese rule; they are witnesses to sweeping political, social and cultural developments who have distilled their experience of a dynamic world into a precise and elegant poetics deeply concerned with modern political realities. Much as with the Middle East, these realities virtually demand a greater acquaintance with the arts and culture of this region, a knowledge which this collection certainly provides. Ko Won has published fourteen books of poetry, is a member of the P.E.N. Center Usa West, and directs the Kulmaru Institute of Literature, Los Angeles.