The Best Science Fiction Value Collection 1

The Best Science Fiction Value Collection 1
Author: Orson Scott Card
Language English
Pages: 6
ISBN10: 1556562152
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781556562150
Published: August 1st 1997 by Dercum Audio

Orson Scott Card, the winner of the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Awards for fiction, and Martin H. Greenberg, editor/author of over 100 different short story and novella anthologies, have teamed together to produce the Dercum Value Collections. Each volume in the series contains four ninety-minute cassettes, with six hours of some of the best stories in the genre, for under $20! These collections are not available in book form anywhere: they were selected and recorded especially for Dercum Audio.

This collection contains the Nebula Award-winning story Rachel in Love by Pat Murphy, read by the author. Contents: Rachel in love / by Pat Murphy -- Wolf time / by Walter Jon Williams -- The moon and Michelangelo / by Ian Watson -- Silent night / by Ben Bova -- Skylab done it / by George Alec Effinger -- Dinosaurs / by Walter Jon Williams. 4 audiocassettes (6 hr.) : analog