This Gay Utopia

This Gay Utopia
Author: John Butler
Language English
Pages: 315
ISBN10: 1891855565
Genre: Glbt
Goodreads Rating: 2.67
ISBN13: 9781891855566
Published: June 1st 2005 by Starbooks

Imagine a small town where an all-male university and a Naval station are the only major components of activity in the isolated community. A university where the school's longtime-honored attitude toward homosexual activity is so tolerant it almost constitutes an endorsement of it, and where taking a shower in its vast dormitory is often as much a sexual adventure as it is a cleansing. Where even the vast majority of straight students are driven by their urges and the ready availability of sex to share the wealth of gay experiences their gay and straight schoolmates offer-and most of them find so much satisfaction as a result that they continue them long after they have graduated, moved on, and raised families. All sailors are horny, and those at the Naval Station are no exception. In the absence of a significant number of females in town-and almost none on base-they eagerly pursue sex with each other and with the equally horny college boys. They find the pursuit is mercifully easy and quickly rewarded, and the results universally gratifying, since so many of the college boys in town are pursuing them. Many of the men in town (if not most) are looking for sex with sailors and college boys, and achieve great success in finding it, depending on either their attractiveness or their willingness to pay for it. Hunky Marines visit from the Marine Depot a few miles down the coast, coming to town on weekends to gratify their sexual needs as well. The town is so conducive to providing pleasure to men and boys who are either gay, or who enjoy 'playing with the other team, ' that it is properly considered a Utopia.

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