Regency Miss

Regency Miss
Author: Alix Melbourne
Language English
Pages: 288
ISBN10: 0449236501
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.38
ISBN13: 9780449236505
Published: August 12th 1978 by Fawcett

"I DO NOT WISH TO BE LIKE OTHER WOMEN OF MY CLASS: A VIRGIN BEFORE MARRIAGE, AND A WHORE AFTERWARDS!" In her reck abandon to be free to live and love as she chose, young, rebellious Alicia Tierney surrendered herself to one night of passion with a total stranger. Years later, heiress to a mysterious fortune, Alicia arrived in London, free and independent at last. Until the great Masquerade Ball -- when a masked man, calling himself the Green Domino, revealed himself as that mysterious lover of long ago! But who was the Green Domino? Robert St. Clair, the dashing gambler and rake to whom she was strangely attracted? Lord Fane, the romantic adventurer and wealthy dandy whose only interests appeared to be the latest Paris fashions and Alicia Tierney? Or was it someone she did not even know -- but who knew her shameful secret? That act of youthful rebellion had suddenly become something dark and sinister -- and dangerous....