A World Too Far: Book 1: The Ship (Terran Trilogy)

A World Too Far: Book 1: The Ship (Terran Trilogy)
Author: Sheron Wood McCartha
Language English
Pages: 299
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.64
Published: September 11th 2016 by Digital Imagination Publishing

Yanked out of cryo before her scheduled time, Elise Fujeint is pressed into taking over as captain on a star ship ready to mutiny. Earth's carefully planned expedition to populate a new world has ended in disaster. During the fleet's hundred years of travel, the chosen planet lost atmosphere and became a radiation-drenched wasteland. Riots erupt over what to do or where to go. Ships turn against ships. In an attempt to escape a disastrous battle, forty frantic ships jump away, only to find their diminished fleet lost in an uncharted part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Now, as captain of the New Found Hope, Elise must battle crisis after crisis: first on board among her fellow crewmates and then against the dangers of space itself. Friends, enemies, lovers and assassins keep the ship in turmoil.

Asteroids, a black hole, radiation, aliens and more create challenges for Elise and the fleet as they search the galaxy for a place to call home. Will the fleet finally find its way to a habitable world, or will a place for desperate humans be a world too far?