Death Becomes Him

Death Becomes Him
Author: Kassanna
Language English
Pages: 82
Series Grim Reaper
Goodreads Rating: 4.13
Published: January 14th 2017 by Flavorfullove Unlimited

Life Happens...No one is promised tomorrow. Mortality is fleeting as this man find's out first hand. But just when you have every thing to lose, you gain so much more. Francois Allurd lost his best friend in a freak accident. With survivors remorse riding him hard. Everyday is a struggle to get through. He avoids anything and anyone that reminds him of the loss of a man that more like a brother to him than a friend. Except, she won't leave him alone to wallow in his misery. And why should she? Melandie Combs didn't just lose her friend, she lost her lover and she wants answers. Two men climbed a mountain and only one came back. Francois would tell her what she wanted to know or she would stick to him like glue. Her problem was the building attraction for the one man she shouldn't want. She needed closure but discovered so much more.