Celebration Bear

Celebration Bear
Author: Scarlett Grove
Language English
Genre: Paranormal
Series Fate Valley Mysteries
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
Published: Published

Will their perfect match be overshadowed by murder? A dream come true ... CiCi Anderson doesn’t just want a man – she wants a mate. With three of her closest friends being shifter women, she’s well aware that belonging to a gorgeous shifter male has numerous benefits. Now, as she celebrates her friend Sunshine’s wedding, the curvy schoolteacher learns that the shifter-human dating website has finally found her match. A night full of promise ... Shifter Thorian Reed has recently arrived in Fate Valley after inheriting a house from his grandfather. When a married woman makes a pass at him, he decides it’s time for him to find his own mate. He’s smitten with CiCi as soon as he meets her – at the New Year’s Eve celebration where he’s in charge of the fireworks. A violent interruption Their midnight kiss ends in chaos when the tent holding the evening’s fireworks explodes.

After the woman who flirted with Thorian is found dead inside, he’s determined to find out who’s responsible. Can he and CiCi solve the case, see justice done, and find their happy ending?