SELF HELP: How to Overcome Any Obstacle, Setback, Challenge, Crisis, or Problem in Your Path

SELF HELP: How to Overcome Any Obstacle, Setback, Challenge, Crisis, or Problem in Your Path
Author: Brien Norris
Pages: 264
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: March 29th 2018 by 53 Year Publishing

​"We all go through tough times. In SELF HELP, you'll learn how to overcome any obstacle, setback, challenge, crisis or problem in Your Path." Inside, discover: The Seven Truths; principles that help you keep your head on straight. The mindset to power through tough times A way forward: tools & strategies to overcome the obstacles in your path How to deal with uncertainty, negativity, failure, and financial crisis Techniques for finding answers, happiness, peace (and peace of mind) How to get what you want in a world without gods and magic How to find joy, how to love yourself, overcome fear, and manage anger The value (and limitations) of prayer, meditation, blind faith, magical thinking, hope and positive thinking Creative problem solving how-tos for any situation at work or home Keys to self-confidence, self-care, self-compassion, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-improvement, and social anxiety relief Brien Norris, author of the best-selling book Too Stuck to Move,challenges you, guides you and gives you access to the tools to overcome difficult times. SELF HELP gives you the power to tackle and overcome the "Big Obstacles": * Money Obstacles * Work & Career Obstacles * Relationship Obstacles * Dealing with Death, Destruction & The End of the World Learn to deal with change, randomness and the glaring unfairness in the world. Discover how to turn other people's negativity into fuel for your success. Embrace your power to transform moments of despair into joy, contentment and personal growth. You'll find a treasure chest of affirmations, over 450 in total. Along the way, you'll create an action plan so that your transformation begins immediately. "I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your book. I keep going back to it and it's been very cathartic and healing for me! Thank you so much." - M. Rodd Become a better version of your previous self. When you have the mindset and tools at your disposal, things aren't as utterly hope as they first appear to be. Get SELF HELP today!