Black Feather's Bride (Flying T Ranch, #)

Black Feather's Bride (Flying T Ranch, #)
Author: Crystal Kauffman
Language English
Pages: 89
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.72
Published: March 8th 2014

Penny Thompson’s impending marriage to a prissy easterner she’s never met signifies the end of her cherished freedom. A tomboy at heart, she’d rather work her family’s three thousand acre cattle ranch from the back of a horse than bake and sew. The thought of marrying a man she doesn’t even know is bad enough, but when she meets her brother’s friend, a half-breed Indian who ignites powerful desire in her heart, the idea of a wedding night with a stranger she doesn’t love turns abhorrent. Every forbidden kiss from John Black Feather causes a storm of passion Penny fears she cannot live without.

The son of a Navajo chief and a white captive, John Black Feather has walked between two worlds his whole life. Conceived and educated specifically to help the tribe’s relations with the spreading white world, his dalliance with Penny Thompson could ruin his father’s decades-old plan. But for the first time, John is no longer alone. His friend’s sister spurs potent need he’s never known for a woman, and drives him to reckness. He risks everything for the love Penny returns even as he knows it is hope; for a white man to offer his friendship to an Indian is one thing, but to marry his white sister to one is quite another.