John Thornton Meets Miss Hale, Mill Owner

John Thornton Meets Miss Hale, Mill Owner
Author: Loyal Wynyard
Language English
Pages: 405
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.73
Published: January 31st 2012

Margaret Hale of Helstone inherits her uncle's small cotton mill where she has visited every day since she was eight. The growth of her successful mill finds her having to relocate to the mill town of Milton.

She is a woman with intelligence and courage. Along the way she meets premiere Mill Master, John Thornton. Both finding in each other what they have been looking for in a partner for marriage begin a courtship almost immediately.

Fate is not with them.

Margaret struggles with moving her mill, keeping John Thornton as her mate and keeping him alive. Join John Thornton and Margaret Hale as they endeavor to build the life they've dreamed of. This book shows a courageous Margaret Hale full of knowledge and leadership, the humorous side of John Thornton with his understated charm, and very romantic love scenes. This is a *new* love story for John and Margaret. It is NOT a sequel.

Their love is more powerful. Expect more intimacy and adult content.