The Sun Princess

The Sun Princess
Author: Sylvia Pell
Pages: 281
ISBN10: 0380776286
Genre: Abandoned
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9780002220354
Published: 1979 by Avon Books

Versailles, court of the Sun King of France, was the dazzling crown of Europe. And its most glitteringly radiant jewel was Marie-Anne, love child of the legendary Louis XIV. Golden as the sun, ardent in her passions, Marie-Anne was forced to sacrifice her love to the will of her father the King, forsaking the handsome, debonair Francois to marry another. Yet the royal princess could never forsake her heart, whcih would never cease longing for her first love. From the opulent ballrooms and salons of Paris to the magnificent halls of Versailles, THE SUN PRINCESS shimmers with the sumptuous splendors of an unsurpassed epoch in history, bringing to life the immortal love of a beautiful woman and the prince she was forbidden to love.