Meridian James and the Ouroboros Dagger

Meridian James and the Ouroboros Dagger
Author: Rebs Kendry
Language English
Pages: 360
ISBN10: 099097930X
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
ISBN13: 9780990979302
Published: May 2015 by Illuminated Myth Publishing

Magic doesn't exist. All her life, fourteen-year-old Meridian James had heard these words from her dad, a brilliant scientist. And lately, he had become much more insistent before it caused either of them any more trouble. For the record, she did try to do as he asked but her imagination was not responsible for the black rat with the tattered ear, or the strange dagger in the even stranger Mystic Emporium. And nothing in her wildest dreams came close to explaining Camp Greenwood. No, her imagination was not to blame for her troubles—that fault lies with a deadly force seeping into the mystic world, as well as the Nocturnal Council who claimed they could stop it even though they have no idea what it is. Meridian is definitely in trouble, but if she can stay one step ahead of the darkness, her wild imagination might be the very thing needed to save the day. And to think all she had wanted to do was turn her aunt into a frog.