Royal Blue (True Blue Trilogy Book 2)

Royal Blue (True Blue Trilogy Book 2)
Author: Joyce Scarbrough
Language English
Pages: 172
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
Published: September 9th 2016 by Blue Attitude Books

Friday night lights in Southern Alabama... Jeana and the boys are now sophomores at Vigor High School. Jeana still thinks she'll never find a boy like the men in the novels she loves to read, so when Mickey Royal moves back to Chickasaw from Washington, Jeana is baffled by her instant attraction to this three-sport athlete with the bluest eyes she's ever seen. Wade Strickland has gone from the sweet boy she grew up with to the reigning football phenom on the varsity team, setting him on a path to violence with Mickey from their first encounter.

Billy Joe DuBose is still Jeana's wise-cracking best friend who bonds with Mickey instantly—or is he only pretending so he can keep an eye on Jeana? And which boy will be the one to win Jeana's heart? Played out against a landscape painted with the music, muscle cars, and culture of the late seventies—sans disco of course—this second installment of the True Blue Trilogy is like the American Graffiti of the classic rock era.