Daddy's Play Thing: A Cheaters Book

Daddy's Play Thing: A Cheaters Book
Author: Violet Vixen
Pages: 30
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: July 9th 2017

I wanted my Step Father before he married my horrible mother. What I didn't know was he wanted me too. Now we sneak around behind her back. But when she catches on that's when I become the real play thing not just for Daddy. Expert: “Yeah I’ll be fine.” I say hugging her back. My eyes lock with Nick my new step daddy behind her back. I lick my lips slowly and give him my most seductive eyes. He gulps a little and I glance down and see he’s now straining in his pants. “I want you,” I mouth. Yeah I’m being brave so what. His eyes go wide and then he smiles. My heart flutters, I hope he understood what I just said. 18+ only Cheaters Taboo book. Don't read if you don't like the taboo. Explicit sex scenes.