Difficult Questions, Easy Answers

Difficult Questions, Easy Answers
Author: Robert Graves
Language English
Pages: 223
ISBN10: 0385044690
Genre: Writing
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
ISBN13: 9780385044691
Published: September 1st 1973 by Doubleday & Company (Garden City, NY)

s/t: A Collection of Essays Foreword Address to the poets of Hungary Genius Arts & crafts The Bible in Europe Poetry & obscenity Godesses & obosoms The universal paradise Mushrooms & religion The two births of Dionysus What has gone wrong? Rationality The Greek tradition Ovid & the libertines Birds & men The Kaiser's war. Fighting courage A soldier's honour The absentee fusilier The inner ear The pentagram of Isis Soloman's seal The heart shape The Sufic chequer-board The nine of diamonds Speaking freely