Instant Vocabulary

Instant Vocabulary
Author: Ida Ehrlich
Language English
Pages: 584
ISBN10: 0671677276
Genre: Reference
Goodreads Rating: 4.07
ISBN13: 9780671677275
Published: August 5th 1988 by Pocket Books

LEARNING NEW WORDS IS AS EASY AS ONE, TWO, THREE! • RECOGNIZE the keys to the English language, the basic units from which all words are made • FOLLOW clear examples of how the key explains a word's origin and meaning -- or how it combines with other keys to create new words • BUILD your word power with practical exercises to expand and integrate your knowledge, without memorization Why enroll in an expensive course when everything you need to increase your vocabulary is at your fingertips? With this tested step-by-step method, you can instantly understand and retain thousands of words -- even words you have never seen before. By examining the building blocks of all words, a basic skill you already use every day without realizing it, you can unlock the meaning behind any word. A strong vocabulary is essential for academic and career success, greater self-confidence in speaking and writing, and improved reading comprehension.

Master the secrets of increased word power with Instant Vocabulary!