Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning, & Fulfillment

Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning, & Fulfillment
Author: Dana Lloyd
Pages: 245
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: November 28th 2017 by Dana Lloyd

Soul Prescription 101 Ways to Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment is a personal development book with a spiritual undertone. Have you been searching for meaning? Feeling unfulfilled? Feeling stuck? Paralyzed by your fears? Wondering what is possible for you? This book is filled with practical ideas which Dana Lloyd refers to as Soul Prescriptions. These Soul Prescriptions are hits of inspiration and many are supported with interesting stories and examples that inspire you to take back your power to live a joy filled, compelling life. Each Soul Prescription ends with a question that challenges you to reflect on your life to raise your self-awareness and deepen the connection with yourself. The Soul Prescriptions challenge you to shift your perspective, to demand more of yourself and to enjoy where you are right now. Through the powerful concept of your Highest Self, the author shows you how a small shift can have a big impact in your life. The book opens with the author's own journey to find joy, meaning and fulfillment. She then calls out the Inner Critic that lives inside your mind which holds you back from achieving what you want in this life. Soul Prescription 101 Ways to Find, Joy, Meaning and Fulfillment accomplishes its goal by identifying 101 Soul Prescriptions as a guide to your greatness. The Soul Prescriptions are divided into 10 main topics: Growth, Acceptance, Love, Inspiration, Connection, Greatness, Mindset, Authenticity, Celebration, and Power. This book is an easy read designed so you can open the book at any point to receive inspiration and encouragement in these powerful categories. This book is jammed packed with value, with the author providing bonus Soul Prescriptions at the end. This book is to be shared with friends and kept on your bookshelf as a resource when you are feeling disconnected, lacking joy and down on yourself. A perfect selection for a book club to get the conversation started around living a life of purpose.