Wrath of the Blue Lady

Wrath of the Blue Lady
Author: Mel Odom
Language English
Pages: 310
ISBN10: 0786951923
Genre: Dungeons and Dragons
Series The Wilds
Goodreads Rating: 3.59
ISBN13: 9780786951925
Published: December 1st 2009 by Wizards of the Coast

Best-selling author Mel Odom returns to the world of Forgotten Realms® with high-seas adventure! A treasure hunter discovers a sunken ship beneath the Sea of Fallen Stars . . . and the dark sorceress who sank it. Allying with the vilest monsters of Faerûn, she seeks to expand her empire beneath the waves and overcome the surface. The Wilds series feature adventures set in iconic Dungeons & Dragons® settings. Magically distorted landscapes, jungle islands teeming with reptilian monsters, wide frontiers touched by another plane, or deep under the surface of the sea–adventure is waiting.