Meg Series: Meg: Hell's Aquarium, Meg: a Novel of Deep Terror, the Trench, Meg: Primal Waters

Meg Series: Meg: Hell's Aquarium, Meg: a Novel of Deep Terror, the Trench, Meg: Primal Waters
Author: Books LLC
Pages: 22
ISBN10: 1158267665
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781158267668
Published: June 19th 2010 by Books LLC

Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Not illustrated. Excerpt: Meg: Hell's Aquarium is a 2009 science fiction novel by author Steve Alten. The book continues the adventures of Jonas Taylor, a paleontologist studying the Megalodon. Meg: Hell's Aquarium begins a couple of years after the Meg: Primal Waters ended. The prologue starts with Scarface, Michael Maren's Meg, and Angel's last surviving pup from her first litter, hunting. Scarface gets enticed by a new prospective meal, Leedsichthys. While, the Meg's attention is caught by the new meal, another creature of gigantic proportions ( 100 feet long) quickly seizes the opportunity and kills the distracted Meg. This larger creature which was hinted at previously is a Liopleurodon, which has evolved to such a degree than it no longer is restricted to surface breathing. Danielle "Dani" Taylor is working at the Tanaka Institute with Jonas, Terry and Mac. David comes home from college for the summer to work at the institute.

Besides its main attraction, Angel, the institute now holds Angel's five pups: Mary Kate, Ashley, Angelica, Belle, and Lizzy. Angel's behavior changes. Unlike before, Angel refuses to respond to the feeding stimulus she has known all her life. The peace that the Taylors have enjoyed gets destroyed when a working accident causes Angel to go berserk, killing one of her feeders, injuring the other, and giving Dani some injuries.

Angel's pups have separated themselves into two groups one group of Bella and Lizzy, who are just as aggressive as Angel but fear her due to her size, and the other three females, Mary Kate, Ashley and Angelica. An animal rights group called R.A.W. (Release Animals to the Wild) decides to try to get the Tanaka Institute to free the young females, even though the world knows the damage that Angel did ... More: