Escape from Silver Street Farm

Escape from Silver Street Farm
Author: Nicola Davies
Language English
Pages: 80
ISBN10: 0763661333
Genre: Animals
Series Silver Street Farm
Goodreads Rating: 3.61
ISBN13: 9780763661335
Published: March 26th 2013 by Candlewick Press

Some of the key animals go AWOL just before Silver Street’s opening celebration in the second adventure about the city farm run by kids. It’s opening day at Silver Street Farm, and Meera, Gemma, and Karl are very excited. Everything is going to plan until the star attractions — the turkeys — go missing along with Bobo and Bitzi, the Silver Street sheep. It takes a lot of detective work (and the enlistment of a pushy ram named Kenny), but the children finally track down the escapees and find the culprits. What they discover are two very surprising turkey rustlers indeed!