A Year of Quotes and Facts: Special Color Edition

A Year of Quotes and Facts: Special Color Edition
Author: Atish Ak Sharma
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 16th 2017

This is the special color edition of the interactive book " A Year of Quotes and Facts". This book is larger and background images are used in pages you will love it.

In this book we have listed finest quotes from very famous and noteworthy people. Every month represents a special section like first month of the year is about opportunity we get to do something good this year. Their are 12 main categories in the book. This Book Contain special QR-code which you can scan with any QR scanning application on iOS and Android which will leads to a share that quote to any social network. For all days facts from history are hand picked for you to learn more about world. This Book dedicated to everyone who Believe in good and bright future. It contain 12 basic principle to be best person in the world. Those are : opportunity Means always Look for a way, Love your work, find your motivation get inspired to become a leader never let your enthusiasm die build a solid Character always have a positive attitude and be persistence always be determined toward your goal and Finally you will have your Achievements with you Hope You Will Enjoy The Book and Share Your Valuable Review of the Design.