Author: A. Nichols
Language English
Pages: 262
Goodreads Rating: 4.75
Published: January 9th 2017

Kai Lassiter is a man of immense power—supernatural power. His haughty demeanor allows him to use his cold social wall to keep the world out. Born to a woman called ‘the white witch’, he can control the environment. His hands hold healing powers. He can see the future, access information in seconds and solve mathematical and political puzzles in minutes. Hounded by those who need him and by those who want to use him, he denies his emotional self. He is more god than person until he is stabbed in an alley through his own stupidity. Everything changes—he meets an intractable woman, and finds the feather. The small, cat-eyed woman from the hotel desk is impervious to his fame and fortune; she treats him as a man rather than as an oracle. She laughs, she scolds him, and she brings feeling into his barren life. But he can’t allow her to stay. He is a target, and her association with him will turn the crosshairs on her. Fate and feathers have other plans.