Dominated by the Jock

Dominated by the Jock
Author: D.J. Heart
Language English
Pages: 21
Genre: Romance
Series Dominated by the Jock
Goodreads Rating: 3.87
Published: September 24th 2014

Jake, a cocky jock who loves submissive twinks and rough sex, has been set up on a blind date by his best friend Tom. Not all that interested in dating, Jake goes anyway, hoping for the best. Kyle, furious that his dad would arrange a blind date for him, has no intention of going anywhere. One look at Jake's handsome face and magnificent, muscular body, however, has him singing a different tune. Jake and Kyle hit it off. The cocky jock takes the innocent virgin on a sexual ride he'll never forget, introducing him to the joys of rimming, boot worship and rough sex. (This story features a sexy jock with a thing for wearing boots, an inexperienced virgin, and an exploration of domination and submission in the bedroom.)