The Red Dot Club

The Red Dot Club
Author: Robert Rangel
Language English
Pages: 250
ISBN10: 0990317307
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.52
ISBN13: 9780990317302
Published: April 14th 2014 by Robert Rangel

This read will take you on a real life journey as peace officers are getting shot and desperately fight for their lives. These are not made up stories, but you will live the events as they actually happened. These stories are told by those officers who were shot, in a millisecond by millisecond, and bullet by bullet sequence. You will experience fear, anger, sadness and happiness in the triumph in the human spirit, as you go through a profound emotional roller coaster ride that is extremely compelling. If you've ever wondered what it is really like to be in a gunfight, this is a must read book. Many of these storytellers have received the Medal of Valor from their respective departments for their actions.

One storyteller received the Congressional Badge of Bravery, an award that is rarely bestowed. All the locations are listed so the reader can access Internet maps, go to the street view and see the actual places where the shootings occurred. This is a one of kind read that will chill you, make you cry, and at the same time give you a new sense of respect for peace officers because of what they go through and the values they embrace.