If Teddy Bears Could Talk

If Teddy Bears Could Talk
Author: Elaine Bertolotti
Language English
Pages: 78
Goodreads Rating: 4.83
Published: December 18th 2017

This little book can be read by teddy bear lovers of all ages! Teddy, the story’s hero, tells all. He finally gets to put his emotions into words. Little did he know all the things that would happen when little Susie brought him to her home. He gets to meet Susie’s pets and offers to be their friends. Fortunately, he finds another teddy to share his thoughts with We find out that even teddies have longings and joys as well as fears. His moods go from high to low depending on the situations, but nonethe, he always has a good word for “his” little Susie. This story can be read to children to let them discover how a teddy bear can become a loving part of their lives. If you are a grown-up reading this book it is sure to bring back sweet childhood memories.