Soul Tripping

Soul Tripping
Author: Renee George
Language English
Pages: 92
Genre: Romance
Series The Beast
Goodreads Rating: 3.60
Published: 2005 by Changeling Press LLC

Nathan Greer’s unlife is getting turned upside down. His lover, Guillermo Perez, has just bought them a mansion to house Nathan’s vampire servant Tyrsgard Madds,his pregnant ex-fiancé Anna, and Gui’s right-hand, Nadine. And a surprise visit from his mother and two of her PFLAG friends isn’t helping matters.

If that’s not bad enough, an old faction of fanatic vampires, the Brotherhood of Truth, is trying to kill Nathan and his unborn child because they believe the child will bring about the destruction of all vampire-kind. Reality is crumbling for Nathan as he begins to dream again, awakens during the daytime hours, and learns there is more to his struggle with his Beastthan he could have ever imagined. On this journey, Nathan and Guillermo discover that TRUTH is stranger than fiction.