The Philosopher of Fools

The Philosopher of Fools
Author: Michael V Darklight
ISBN10: 0692825487
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
ISBN13: 9780692825488
Published: January 19th 2017 by House of Darklight

MvDarkLight's long-awaited first book "The Philosopher of Fools" contains the complete versions of his most famous works along with many new unreleased pieces, including poems, quotes, and short stories mostly having to do with love, inspiration, philosophy, and spirituality. Michael V DarkLight is known for writing vastly creative pieces that speak boundly to the heart, mind, and soul while using few words to do so, his use of surrealism to define ideas to perfect sense using concepts that shouldn't make any sense at all, and his ability to drastically change writing styles, from the majestically simple, to the beautifully intricate, from lovely light tones, to bittersweet dark tones, all while retaining a sense of spirituality and conviction.