Code in Every Class

Code in Every Class
Author: Kevin Brookhouser
ISBN10: 1945167211
Genre: Education
Goodreads Rating: 3.88
ISBN13: 9781945167218
Published: December 19th 2016 by Edtechteam Press

It's an accepted fact that all students need exposure to certain academic disciplines--algebra, world history, chemistry, and probably a Shakespeare play or two.

Unfortunately, computer science has not yet risen to must-have status. Given society's reliance on technology in almost every aspect of modern life, author-educators Kevin Brookhouser and Ria Megnin find the lack of programming education in schools shocking. Code in Every Class explains why computer science is critical to your students' future success and shows you how to take tech education into your own hands. And here's the best news: You don't have to be a computer genius to teach the basics of coding. You'll learn... How to incorporate fundamental programming skills into your existing ons--even if you don't have computer coding experience. How to teach coding principles without a computer Why computer literacy levels the playing field for underprivileged students Too many students have never been shown how to take control of computers and other digital devices. They're stuck as consumers, when they should be learning how to use tech tools to be creators and problem-solvers. Code in Every Class will allow you to open a world of opportunities to your students, one on at a time.