Shadows of the Void

Shadows of the Void
Author: Miriam Rosenbaum
Language English
Pages: 261
Series The Marble Masquerade
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: December 3rd 2016 by Amazon Digital Services

A gripping tale of ancient creatures and supernatural battles, of winged allies and extraordinary enemies, The Marble Masquerade recounts a forbidden love between an ordinary human girl and an otherworldly, tortured exile. Set against the backdrop of a snow-swept north, it's a time tale of hope, loyalty, and sacrifice that's sure to captivate and delight any reader! The last thing Clara wanted was to burn her bridges. Entrapped by an oath she can't possibly keep—and left at the mercy of those who've bound her—she's on her own. With nothing but human ingenuity at her disposal, Clara will be forced to stand against inhumanly powerful foes... or make a choice that will damn one family to save another. Whichever her course, she'll finally come to learn what it is that lurks beyond the edges of reality. Shadows of the Void is the 3rd book in the serialized Marble Masquerade trilogy.