Hunter: Secrets Revealed

Hunter: Secrets Revealed
Author: A.M. Reed
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Ways of the Pack
Goodreads Rating: 2.83

Hunter is not a normal teenage girl… she freely admits that. Though her life had never been normal to start out with, it soon is turned upside down when she meets a strange creature and befriends him. She is forced to get past her anti-social, paranoid ways and face the fact that not everyone in the world is evil and out to get her as she attempts to solve the mystery surrounding her father’s sudden disappearance when she was a baby while still facing the challenges high school presents. ____________ This book is the first in a series revolving around werewolves. Special thanks to Jennette Brown (AKA Sugarpoultry) for the werewolf silhouette used on the cover.