Children's Dreaming and the Development of Consciousness

Children's Dreaming and the Development of Consciousness
Author: David Foulkes
Language English
Pages: 212
ISBN10: 0674009711
Genre: Psychology
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
ISBN13: 9780674009714
Published: September 15th 2002 by Harvard University Press

David Foulkes is one of the international leaders in the empirical study of children's dreaming, and a pioneer of sleep laboratory research with children. In this book, which distills a lifetime of study, Foulkes shows that dreaming as we normally understand it--active stories in which the dreamer is an actor--appears relatively late in childhood. This true dreaming begins between the ages of 7 and 9. He argues that this late development of dreaming suggests an equally late development of waking reflective self-awareness. Foulkes offers a spirited defense of the independence of the psychological realm, and the legitimacy of studying it without either psychoanalytic over-interpretation or neurophysiological reductionism.