Crochet Stitches Beginners Guide

Crochet Stitches Beginners Guide
Author: Emily Nelson
Language English
Pages: 81
Genre: Art
Goodreads Rating: 3.58
Published: September 19th 2014 by Crochet Press

FREE * FREE * FREE With Kindle Unlimited & Prime With this book you will learn the following Crochet Stitches: 1. Single Crochet 2. Slip Stitch 3. Double Crochet 4. Half Double Crochet 5. Treble Crochet 6. Front post double crochet 7.

Back post double crochet 8. Front loop crochet 9. Back loop crochet 10. Moss stitch 11.

Basket Stitch 12. X Stitch 13. Chain Lace 14. Solomon’s Knot 15. V-Stitch 16. Small Mesh Ground 17. Large Mesh Ground 18. Diamond Mesh Stitch 19. Puff Stitch 20. Bullion Stitch 21. Raspberry Stitch 22. Basic Shell Stitch 23. Basic Fan stitch 24. Arcade Stitch 25.

Picot Edging 26. Reverse double crochet edging 27. Shell edging 28.

Loop stitch 29. Chevron Stitch 30. Broomstick Lace Get Started Today Crocheting Wonderful Stitches! Authors Other Books Please visit to discover other books by Emily Nelson. “Crochet Patterns Beginners Guide” “Crochet Stitches Beginners Guide” “Crochet Beginners Guide”