Something Borrowed (The Bride Tribe #5)

Something Borrowed (The Bride Tribe #5)
Author: Lillianna Blake
Pages: 124
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: July 13th 2017 by Sassy Women's Fiction

Zoe has been Hanna’s good friend since college and she couldn’t be more excited about her friend’s upcoming wedding…especially for the bachelorette party, of which she was in charge of. Never one to do anything without flare, Zoe was trying to sift through her many ideas to be sure it was something that the more reserved Hanna would enjoy. And in the meantime, she’d work on her new business plan. And for those ideas, there’d be no holding back. She wanted her business to be a pure reflection of her passion for fashion AND helping other women to feel great about themselves.