The Corner 13

The Corner 13
Author: Alex Richardson
Language English
Pages: 212
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.86
Published: August 12th 2014 by Miller Beach Publishing

Lucky grows ill and is hospitalized after being poisoned by the prodigal son. The crew thinks Lucky’s cancer has returned, but doctors rule it out as the cause of the illness.

Meanwhile, with Slim paying his debt to society, Antwan is in charge and must deal with the pressures of running a crew.

It doesn’t help when Boogie wants revenge for his cousin’s death, but is told to stand down by Antwan, Boogie doesn’t listen possibly starting a war. Pierre is dead and his mother, Laurette, surprises Chantel when she kicks her and her two children out of their home. She reveals to Chantel that Pierre has left her broke. That all his money and property was in her name and not Chantel’s. Chantel is in a panic and decides to play on Noonie’s love for his son to help her out.

He does, but then he’s caught going behind Phoenix’s back to help his baby momma and the two are caught on video kissing. The crew faces this drama while Sonny and his new crew methodically gets themselves in position to make their move to get what he calls his piece of the pie.