Straight Out The Projects: A Rachet Kinda Love

Straight Out The Projects: A Rachet Kinda Love
Goodreads Rating: 1.00
Published: March 28th 2018 by True Glory Publications

Mona Lisa Raye and her sister Tini grew up in the Projects, a place where poverty and ratchetness was the norm. The only positive influence they had in their lives came from their grandmother, and even she had some ratchet ways. Mona was star of her high school basketball team throughout high school, but her first pregnancy stopped her from playing beyond that. Finding out her baby daddy was up to no good, she made the decision to play the game along with him, but her decisions threw her further into the lifestyle she hated so much. Getting pregnant a second time was too much for her to handle, especially when she knew both her kids would have different daddies. Mona found herself being pressured to surrender to a will that she did not want to submit to; and as time passed she found herself with her back against the wall. A secret that she carried could ruin her whole life if found out about, and when the person pressuring her became more persistent, she had to eliminate the pressure and regain her life. Leaving everything behind, Mona worked hard to accomplish something for herself, and once she had attained her dreams she returns only to end up ruining everything she worked so hard to accomplish.