FuTA 3: Menage a TA

fuTA 3: Menage a TA
Author: Hayden Archer
Language English
Pages: 29
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: September 18th 2014 by Archerotica

Kylie was a TA working towards her PhD in a top secret research lab running experiments with a genetic transmogrification ray. Life was good until the day she accidentally became the subject of one of her experiments. Now she's grown a big surprise between her legs as a result of meddling with mad science! Life has more or returned to normal for Kylie. If regularly hooking up with Breanne, her former enemy turned lover, and trying to hide the big secret between her legs from the world can be considered normal. Only it's difficult to hide that secret when Breanne keeps pulling her into new and dangerous lust-fueled situations. Like getting frisky at a late-night TA study session that no one showed up for when a freshman hottie running late walks in and catches them in the middle of a very practical anatomy on.

Breanne has naughty ideas about what to do with this undergrad hottie. Naughty ideas that go against the university ethics code about TA/undergrad fraternization and have Kylie worried about losing her TA position and revealing her secret. Only that big secret is the one calling the shots with passion, lust, and desire winning out over rationality as Kylie allows herself to be pulled into a hot and totally forbidden TA/undergrad fantasy.