The Demon's Claw

The Demon's Claw
Author: Dave Morris
Language English
Pages: 352
ISBN10: 0340412062
Genre: Games
Series Blood Sword
Goodreads Rating: 4.44
ISBN13: 9780340412060
Published: 1987 by Knight Books

Will you survive the perils of the desert city of Crescentium? The wandering ghouls and assassins? The half-human monsters? The dreaded Seven-in-One? For this is a land of sorcery and treachery - where you will encounter terrors and wonders more fabulous than you had ever dared imagine - the great Roc, the three wishes, the ship of the Pirate-King, the flying horse, the magic of the beautiful Psyche. And who shall win the Sword of Death, the Demon’s Claw itself?