Mail Order Bride - Box Set #2 (Pioneer Western Romance Box Set)

Mail Order Bride - Box Set #2 (Pioneer Western Romance Box Set)
Author: Katie Wyatt
Language English
Pages: 246
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.29
Published: January 4th 2016 by Royce Cardiff Publishing House

A clean American mail order bride Western Romance box set This historical boxed set is about empowered women who turn around their hope circumstances in this mid 18th-century tale of the old West, with strong faith and discover genuine men and true love Winter's Torment ~ Book #4 Meet Winter, she has been scandalized and put to shame in her beloved town of Bangor Maine. Unable to go to her local church and support herself after the incident, she takes the only option she has: To seek marriage and get far away from all of the pain and suffering. She accepts Henry Olson, a farmer and blacksmith, in his offer for marriage and paid for a train ticket after just two letters. Will Mr. Henry Olson be all that he seems to be? Can Winter rise above her misfortune and find true love and happiness? Come on down to Dodge city where the bars outnumber other businesses! You can hang out with the local folks like the massive blacksmith Henry Olson, mustached deputy Bat Masterson and of course, the lovely, petite, 5 foot tall, emotionally scarred Winter Lindstrom. Autumn's Upheaval ~ Book #5 Meet Autumn Clancy, she’s just turned 18 and lost her family in a tragic accident. The family home was sold to pay off her father’s debts. She had little options and accepts a marriage proposal from Ryan Anderson, a rancher in Arizona that's far from her surroundings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has no idea what he looks like or what she's getting herself into! What caused her shock the first time she laid eyes on Ryan Anderson? How does Mother Nature catalyze their love for each other? Come on up in the mountains of Arizona called Flagstaff.

Enjoy the fresh air from the tall pine trees and the rough and gruff Mr. Ryan Anderson, the most helpful local folks, 12 chickens and the lovely with a positive attitude, Autumn Clancy. Snowe's Fall ~ Book #7 Meet the educated, proper, east coast girl Snowe Abigail Boudreau, her Ma died giving birth to her while her loving kind father never returned from a tragic Portland fishing expedition. She has little options, out of money, living with her best friend who is wonderfully in love and going to be married. She chooses to accept a marriage proposal from an animal trapper and trader in remote Montana.

She has no idea what he looks like or what she's getting herself into! Did Snowe just made a fatal mistake? Will her faith pull her through what she promised to do if she lives? Come and hang out at this remote River town with Jason, a strong self-made man, and Snowe, who is stepping into a rustic life she never imagined and her wonderful best friend Bethany whom she'll never forget.

Tempest Heat ~ Book 8 Meet Tempest, she is a fiery red-head who speaks her mind. Her father has long passed and the doctor said her mother became a wandering senile. The locals nicknamed her “The Red Lady” and tagged her as a "loose woman". She has little option left and no good local man will have her. She takes a giant leap of faith and agrees to marry a Doctor in the desert, far away from her known world of Cincinnati. She has no idea what he looks like or what she's getting herself into! What does she do the first day of their marriage that nearly ends it all? Can easy going Dr.