Mystery of Lawlessness (Lost Worlds)

Mystery of Lawlessness (Lost Worlds)
Author: John K. Reed
Language English
Pages: 513
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.29

Mystery of Lawness completes the story began in The Coming Wrath and Mabbul. The Flood is over and the new world is being settled by new generations. A century after the Flood, its survivors have grown to many clans. But they do not obey God’s command, but congregate on the Plains of Shinar. God is not welcome! They want Nimrod as their king. In this epic tale of adventure, the depths of man’s heart are unveiled. Evil is opposed by a few, but they must battle it within and without. From these struggles comes the ancient world, and two interwoven mysteries: the mystery of redemption and the mystery of lawness.