JO – by Nigel Wyndham: Part Two

JO – by Nigel Wyndham: Part Two
Author: Viedelle Smith
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: January 7th 2014 by GM Books

JO by Nigel Wyndham, is a fictional epic love story, thrilling us as we move through American and British history with haunting realities while witnessing the birth of two nations over two hundred years ago. Eerily traumatic, constantly keeping us engaged, "JO" is the journey of a young woman's tumultuous life at a time when women are to be seen and not heard. Our star is an eighteenth century modern girl. Through her own strong will and obstinate choices, she is forced into the distorted truth of a world far from the reality of her high society New York upbringing. Betrayed by the love she holds for a British soldier upon following him to London, her association with an Irish Activist gives the English Militia reason to steal her away from the comforts of a life she was born into, charging her with a crime she did not commit---and from Olde Bailey's care and corrupt, she is tossed as a felon with other female dreck into the bowels of the hell-ship, "Neptune." Surrounded by illness and debauchery, amongst the depths of degradation she is forced to accept her fifteen year fate in the antipodes: but it is through the strong will and determination born in her that she is able to survive this horrific six month journey Riveted and enthralled, we continue to stay passionately close to "JO" as our story unfolds on the other side of the world.

Now a felon appearing face to face with the love that once betrayed her, again she is forced to reckon with those cruel ghosts from the past... until she meets the man who proves to be her truest love. Through emancipation with her new love, a Governor about to be ousted, and our story teller/narrator, Nigel Wyndham, she eventually finds the truth and justice she has been searching for.