The Networking Guru: The Next Level

The Networking Guru: The Next Level
Author: James Barber
Language English
Pages: 141
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 26th 2016 by Wasteland Press

James Barber is a business consultant and motivational speaker. This book has been endorsed by many well-known authors such as: Jack Canfield, Ivan Misner, David Alexander, Hazel Walker, Tiffanie Kellog and Beau Henderson. The Networking Guru, The Next Level teaches business principles that all business owners need to embrace in order to thrive in business. James Barber’s allegory keeps the reader engaged. By using the precepts of this book, you will be empowered to reach the next level in your business. -Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principle In James Barber’s first book, The Networking Guru, Traits of Champion Networkers he told a story of Tim working with Clark on fundamentals of networking. In book two, Tim gives Clark guidance on taking his business to the next level. Save yourself years of mistakes by following the remedies in this book! -Dr. Ivan Misner, NY Times bestselling author and Founder of BNI The story continues! If you are looking for real business strategies that actually work, do yourself a favor and read book 2 of The Networking Guru series, The Next Level. Too often I run across "How To" books that are philosophies or ideas that sound good, but the author has never actually tested them in the real world. James Barber is a pioneer in what I call functional business. What does that mean? It's business principles that work in real life, period. The skills are masterfully presented in an engaging and easy to read story format that makes learning these concepts fun. I highly encourage you to read and implement the strategies in this book shared by an author who practices what he teaches on a daily basis.

-Beau Henderson CEO RichLife Advisors Financial Advisor, Radio Host & International Best-Selling Author