Keith's Story

Keith's Story
Author: Nikkea Smithers
Language English
Pages: 181
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: January 3rd 2013

Keith s Story is the long awaited prequel and sequel to the underground hit novel Gold Diggin Raped, abandoned, home and pimped (all before the age of 18) Keith is battling in a war with his mind vs. his heart. In part one, Keith is shown just how strong a young man can be when faced with challenges that are beyond his realm of control. Enduring more than a child should ever have to, Keith runs through life with the robust desire to just survive.

What Keith doesn t understand is, what is done in the dark must come to the light, no matter how long it takes for the day to break. In part two Keith must answer to his past (which may tear his new family apart) and face earth shattering revelations. Questions are answered as new relationships unfold. Taking stage after he has moved to a new town with his new wife and daughter, part two exposes him in a way he never thought was possible. Keith s Story is raw, uncut and unapologetic. Jump in the passenger seat of this fast paced story as told by the lead character and let it take you away!