Bill Cosby Rape Case

Bill Cosby Rape Case
Author: D.E. Alexander
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: January 2nd 2016 by Adoni Publishing

D.E. Alexander is a #1 Selling Author on Amazon, his books often use analysis of legal case files to get to the truth of many topics from Conspiracies to School Shootings and UFOS. D.E. Alexander is an expert on researching court records since in his career as an investigative journalist he has sifted through many legal files as well as FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) documents to get the TRUTH in many famous cases such as Roswell and 911. In this book are the actual Criminal Complaint and the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed the Montgomery County DA to arrest Bill Cosby for Aggravated Sexual Assault.

It is not technically ‘rape’ but the case alleges that Mr. Cosby knowingly supplied drugs and alcohol to a woman over 10 years ago to then sexually assault her without her consent. D.E. Alexander points out many major legal flaws in the case. Flaws that may result in Mr. Cosby beating the allegations despite the fact that 50 or so more women have now come forward to make similar allegations about Mr. Cosby. D.E. Alexander also includes an analysis of how rich black males in the United States are targets of a prejudicial legal system. The amount of famous black males arrested for major crimes in the United States is eye opening