The Faith of Donald Trump: A Christian Perspective (Christian Politics Book 3)

The Faith of Donald Trump: A Christian Perspective (Christian Politics Book 3)
Author: Mike Robinson
Language English
Pages: 243
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: January 13th 2017 by AAP

In the first book to explore the religious values and background of the 45th president of the United States, The Faith of Donald Trump discusses how Trump's religious beliefs mold his personal life as well as inform his vision and politics.

His victory, a political miracle greater than any other in recent history, Donald J. Trump’s presidency aims to be populous, yet biblically based. He has often said that “I am a tremendous believer" and "Christianity helped drive the destiny of my victory." Discover how Trump integrates his faith and religion into his dreams for America. From his close bonds with ministers, the president trusts his religious principles to direct the actions and goals of his policies. "The Faith of Donald Trump" recounts Trump's conversion to Christianity, when he overcame the hostile liberal press, the Clinton machine, and the Hollywood elite to win the Presidency. From his announcement to run, President Trump is learning to use his faith to help him thrive in his political and private life. This revealing volume will inspire our fellow citizens to do the same. Many have said this is a fine companion to Michael Savage's "Trump's War: The Fight to Make America First Again."