What All Network Administrators Know

What All Network Administrators Know
Author: Douglas Chick
Pages: 100
ISBN10: 0974463000
Genre: Science
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
ISBN13: 9780974463001
Published: July 2nd 2003 by Thenetworkadministrator.com

This is the first computer book that prepares its readers what to expect once they have gotten a job, what kind of software they should know, and how to deal with everyday real world situations that are never addressed. Douglas Chick is the author and creator of the popular, computer professional Website, The Network Administrator, and has turned all of the questions that have been asked by beginners and professionals intoi What All Network Administrators Know/i. Like the Website, Doug is informative, direct, and uses humor to get the point across. If you are considering a career as a network administrator, or already are one--this book is for you. p/p This book will teach you: ul li What Software You Are Expected to Know/li li What a Network Administrator Does/li li The Truth About Certifications/li li How to Identify The Gear in a Server Room/li /ul This book is in response to the daily e-mails I receive from my website TheNetworkAdministrator, that ask the question; "What do I need to know to become a network administrator?" Some of you reading this book might find that you have all the qualifications needed, while others may become easily discouraged. Don't be discouraged.

Nothing long lasting or worth having such as a professional career can happen overnight.

As an experienced network administrator and a computer professional I can help you avoid the pitfalls that I see many new computer people encounter and help you realize your objective by making you more employable, by knowing what you can expect as a network administrator and the types of programs you will be expected to know. The problem with most books on computers and networking is they are thick with trivial data that either doesn't help you get a job or doesn't tell you what to do once you have one. iWhat All Network Administrators Know/i is a short book that is to the point from a network manager's perspective.

All the books that you've read about computers and networking before this one addressed configurations, program usage and enough acronyms to fill a popular vegetable soup can. This book addresses what you should know before you interview and what you should expect once you have the job. p/pp/p